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First Mover of
Biometric Technology

WINNING.I innovates the Security Technology that is core tech of 4th generation
industry and suggest the new paradiam of biometrics technology.

The Pioneer of
Touchless Palmprint

WINNING.I's touchless palmprint solution uses on simple log-in and transfer service
and it is software type of technology that provided to 1st group of financial
insituties firstly,

The specialist of
Touchless Fingerprint

WINNING.I's touchless fingerprint solution uses on contactless identification,
Digital-Signature, and verification and photo the fingerprint by mobile rear camera.

Smart Bio Key Solution

WINNING.I's new biometrics technology service and solution guide.

WINNING.I is with main information&security institues.

Introduce WINNING.I's core biometrics technology of 4th generated industry.

  • Touchless Palmprint Authentication Technology(AeroxPalmID v3.0)

    Touchless Palmprint Authentication Technology
    is the software type of
    biometric authentication technology
    that provides to 1st group of financial institues
    in domestic market and uses on
    simple log-in, simple transfer service.

  • Touchless Fingerprint Authentication Technology(AeroxSign v1.0)

    Touchless Fingerprint Authentication Technology
    is capture the fingerprint with rear camera
    of smartphone, and use as contactless
    verification, Digital-Signature, and identification.

  • Potential Business Model

    Variety use-cases of touchless
    biometrcis technology.


Superiority of Simple & Safe

Avalible to operate on the most of smartphone (Up to Android 5.0 / IOS 8.0)
Economical Efficiency
Save the maintanace fee and extra fee for hardware by non-required scanning hardware
Complete check the security by Korea Finance Security Center for Detecting Rooting/JailBreak, Unable Screen Capture, Defence the fake hand

Check WINNING.I's touchless biometrics technology through the video clips

  • [Mobile Biometric Digital-Signature] Fingerprint bio-signature with touchless fingerprint authentication solution

  • [Mobile bio-identification] Identification with touchless palmprint Authentication solution


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