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First Mover of
Biometric Technology

WINNING.I innovates the Security Technology that is core tech of
4th generation industry and suggest the new paradiam of biometrics technology.


WINNING.I provides various differentiated B2B & B2C biometrics services and platforms by providing fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition,
and facial recognition as mobile complex authentication solutions as its core business with "Touchless Biometrics Authentication Solution".

Main Business

Biometrics Algorithms & Solutions

Biometrics Algorithms & Solutions

Provide the service, solution or algorithm SDK of biometrics of Touchless fingerprint, palmprint and facial recognition

Provide Access control, identification verification, certification test, Internet lecture, bioQR code generation, and mobile AFIS solution

Touchless Fingerprint Recognition

Touchless Fingerprint Recognition Solution and Service

Contactless Identificate service in Financial Industry

Fingerprint Bio Digital-Signature service in Insurance

Providing projects for fingerprint collection and check construction of public institutions

Biometrics Algorithms & Solutions
Biometrics Algorithms & Solutions
  • Touchless Fingerprint Authentication
    Provides algorithms and solutions for capturing the fingerprint, fingerprint feature extraction, and fingerprint matching using a smartphone rear camera
  • Touchless Palmprint Authentication
    Equivalently the palmprint of the hand has own characteristics like fingerprints, and palm lines, and possible to providing algorithms and solutions for Identity and Verification.
  • Bio-Security Service
    Provide mobile complex authentication to B2B solutions such as contactless fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and palmprint recognition, and provide as B2C services or platforms for security of personal information (documents, files, photos, videos or etc.)
Main Business Scope

Insurance, Securities, Cards, Certification Services of Credit Rating Agencies, Game Companies,
Telecommunications Companies, or Applied to identification services of
public institutions and fingerprint recognition services of access control devices

Main Business Model

Software Development Kit Usage Fee, Run-Time Library License Fee
Co-operate BM Patent Application/Co-operate development the service and share the benefits



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