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The Pioneer of
Touchless Palmprint

WINNING.I's Touchless Palmprint Authentication Technology
is the software type of biometric authentication technology that provides
to 1st group of financial institues in domestic market firstly.

ProductTouchless Palmprint Authentication

Touchless Palmprint Authentication Service

Touchless Palmprint Authentication Technology

is biometrics technology alternative of the financial/public certificate and able to
use on identification by mobile.

User GuideProduct Catalogue
Main Specification
Supports all Android/ iOS smartphones and tablet
Once registered, it can be used by other financial institutions without duplicate registration.
Jointly developed with KFTC and complete to check the security by Korea Financial Security Institution
Secure the safety by sixfold of securtiy technologies
Main Features
Automatic shooting and recognition technology
Forgery Attack Preventaion Technology
Detecting the Rooting/Jail Break Technology
Prevention Screen Capture Technology
Check Integrity of Template
Main Application Field
Identification of State Agencies
Use bio-identification alternative of financial certificate
Use as smart key by installed the camera module on product or Kiosk


Introduction Effect
Alternative Financial Certificate, digital signature and denial prevention
Simple Log-in and Transfer by palmprint authentication without public certificate, security card and OTP
use identification and verification on online environment (mobile banking, simple payment, portal, groupware etc)
Provide biometric services across all models of devices, tablet PCs and smartphones without OS limitations
Secure the safety by using the palmprint which is 20 times wider than fingerprints
Completed security check by the Korea financial security institutes for including routing/jailbreak detection, screen capture prevention, and forged palmprint attack defense
Possible to use conveniently with poor fingerprint recognition (e.g., eczema, wounds, dry hands, sweaty hands, etc.)
FVC 2nd award, Certificate perfomance and financial transaction suitability with touchles palmprint authentication
Supply the software type of authentication solution (Palmprint Recognition) to 1st financial group firstly.
Main Technology Features
Create the palmprint information and capture the palm with the rear camera of smartphone
Encryption technology with PKI for palmprint information
The technology to detect the forged of a palmprint while register and authenticate
Anti-spoofing technology that prevent screen capture and security of important(bio-information) while operating
Apply biometric data segmentation and binding technology (Compliance with bio information distribution management system by the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute)
Authentication technology by compare with the regiestered palmprint information

Performance test and check the security of palmprint authentication

Report of security check by Korea Financial Security Institute

Performance test certiciate of biometric authentication and Financial transaction suitability test

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