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The specialist of
Touchless Fingerprint

Touchless Fingerprint Authentication Technology
is capture the fingerprint with rear camera of smartphone and recognize the fingerprint.

ProductTouchless Fingerprint Biometric

Touchless Fingerprint Biometric Service

WINNING.I's technology

is a bio-authentcation technology that can be used foridentification through
mobile devices such as identification ofinvestigative agencies,
absenteeism and tardiness management of general companies,
and bio digital-signatures of electronic contracts.

User GuideProduct Catalogue
Main Specification
Supports all Android/ iOS smartphones and tablet
Available to use on the smartphone that does not have fingerprint sensor
Possible to use the bio-information without re-registration even if users change the device
Secure the safety by divided management of fingerprint template with KFTC
Main Feature
Automatic shooting and recognition technology
Forgery & Preventaion Attack Technology
Detecting the Rooting/Jail Break Technology
Prevention Screen Capture Technology
Check Integrity of Template
Main Application Field
Bio Digital-Signature Service for InsurTech
Identificate by National Institutes
Identification for management of electoral colleges
Identification for education attendance management


Introduction Effect
The amendment to Article 731-1 of the Commercial Act(Only for Korean Market) allows contractors and insured to sign digital-signatures using fingerprint authentication in other death-secured insurance contracts
Post-verification of forgery and alteration of digital signatures and electronic documents by fingerprint authentication
Use for various tasks such as digital-signature, identity authentication, etc. by registering a fingerprint once
Extensible to identification services for non-face-to-face services
Lower initial acquisition and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for separate fingerprint recognition hardware
Reducing the time and cost required for work, such as document printing and management, and increasing the efficiency of work
More hygienic than the contact biometric solution by uses public devices through touchless methods with personal devices.
Provide biometric services across all models of devices, tablet PCs and smartphones without OS limitations
Certificated bio-recognition performance by KISA. And the core technology has been registered patent as the state-of-the-art technology
It is safe for hygiene even if the terminal is used for public use by the biometric information is obtained by touchless method
Obtaining consistent and accurate biometric information regardless of external environment (humidity, illumination) and various user characteristics (wamp, geology)
Samsung Life Insurance started operating the first fingerprint authentication digital-signature system based on WINNING.I's solution
Key-technical Elements
Technology to capture and acquire fingerprints using a smartphone's rear camera
Fingerprint information generation technology that complies with the Fingerprint Standard Template (ISO/IEC 19794-2) specification
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Fingerprint Information Encryption (SHA256, RSA2048) Technology
The technology to detect the forged of a palmprint while register and authenticate
Technology to division, combine, and authenticate fingerprint information
Anti-spoofing technology such as security of critical data (biometric information) and screen capture prevention during operation
Provides fingerprinting compatibility on different devices

Security check and Performance Test of Fingerprint Authentication

  • Performance test certiciate of Aerox v1.0 fingerprint authentication algorithm

  • Patent registration for touchless fingerprint recognition method using smartphone

  • Software development and supply part quality management system 'ISO 9001' certification for touchless biometric technology

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